Monday, October 1, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore-- October 1, 2012

       Greetings, from San Pedro. Well sorry I didn't get an e-mail off this past week, with Elder Takogawa leaving and all it was super crazy. Well this past week have been a crazy one, like the past transfer. Its so weird that we are starting off another transfer already. The time really is picking up it is so crazy. Well so to start of the week Elder Takogawa and I just did the regular P-day stuff. We had a zone preparation day, and we went to a park that sits on the coast. It was fun we took a couple of zone pictures and then played soccer. Then after we had dinner with the N., it was really good, and then after dinner sister N. wanted us to sing for her. Elder Takogawa and I had sung in sacrament meeting the day before and she wasn't there and so we told her that we would. So for the song I sung the first verse in Spanish, and then Elder Takogawa sung in Japanese, and then together in English. So I sung my part and then when it was Elder Takogawa's turn to sing he started to get choked up and then we sung together. It was super powerful and the spirit was so strong. Sister N.started crying, and then after Elder Takogawa broke down, he was so dedicated to the work and he couldn't believe that it was over that night. Then after dinner, Elder Takogawa said that he wanted to teach someone that night before we went home and so we went over to D's house and had a great lesson, and commited him to keep working towards baptism.
        Then the next day I had to drive Elder Takogawa up to the mission home, and so we went up there and did that and took some pictures, and then I was on splits with one of the other missionaries from the zone, Elder Wilson. We were in his area for the day, and then that night we had a meeting and I read off the transfer report to the zone. So my new companion is Elder Hardman, he is from Murray, Utah. He is an amazing missionary, he was our last AP and so he knows a bunch, about the mission, and zone leader stuff. We get along just great, we are always laughing and just having a blast down here in San Pedro. We have just been visiting a lot of the recent converts and getting Elder Hardman familiar with the area. We are shooting to find a family this transfer so we will keep you posted on that.
        Well I hope that everyone is doing great back home and getting ready for General Conference this weekend. I know that I am pumped and can't believe that it is here again. Last time we had one I was still in LA 6th. So what is going on, Keyton and Bryson? I haven't heard much from you too lately. I know that your junior year and 9th grade year, are more story-packed then you both lead on. Let me know. and Brayden? Peace out
Con Amor Elder Moore

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