Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle-- September 26, 2012

President Cook always lets the cat right out of the bag haha. So there's kind of a twist on things that I don't think he mentioned. I'm not in Escondido. I'm in Vista, and I'm in english work now. It was really weird. I was not expecting that to happen at all. We were sitting in transfer meeting and I was waiting for him to get done announcing the english elders so I wasn't really paying attention when suddenly I heard my name. It caught me so off guard that I didn't even here where I was going. It was crazy! So ya now I'm here in Vista. I feel kind of weird being in English work, but I'm getting used to it. Luckily there are a ton of hispanics here so I still get to talk a lot of spanish in the streets. Plus I get to go on exchanges with the spanish elders so that's good at least. The hardest thing is I feel like I've lost my english. Sometimes I say things kind of strangely haha and my companion makes fun of me, but I'm getting better at it. It's fun to be a zone leader. We get to go to all the district meetings and get to know more of the missionaries.
So it was really cool on sunday. Every sunday morning we get up around 5:30 and head up to camp pendleton to teach the marines. They have a branch up there of about 40 recruits. It's awesome because they bring their friends to church and then after sacrament we go and teach them in a different room. They're only there for 6 weeks I believe so we try and get them to get ready for baptism quickly. It's really cool how it all works. Boot camp is definitely a humbling experience for them.
So my companions name is Elder Rupp. The crazy thing is that he lives right up by the Whittle's in Logan. He sat in front of Kayla in Calc class or something like that. Knows who Jake is, and had a class with Krista. He was really good friends with Austin Robbins, there next door neighbor. He's a funny guy, and a good missionary. We've been seeing some cool miracles together.
So Cherry's still alive eh? That's good to hear. I'm glad nobody has totaled her or anything;) haha. Does smoto still run? Sounds like things are pretty much the same back home. How's Cho? I miss that guy. How's mama cho doing?
We were able to set a baptismal date the other night with the wife of a member. It was an awesome lesson. She brought up how she was raised in the Catholic church, and how she was a very devout catholic, and she had made a promise to her father who passed away that she would never join the mormon church. Well she told us that night that she was feeling like something was missing in her life, and that she wasn't exactly sure what but she needed to figure it out. We talked about priesthood authority and why it was important for baptism. She told us that she didn't believe the Catholic church had that authority. We invited her to be baptized and she accepted. The other day she saw us on the street, pulled over to talk to us and said she's excited for the 3 of November and she's already inviting people. It's amazing how the spirit causes people to feel and understand things. None of that was Elder Rupp and I. It was all the spirit, telling her that she was missing something and that she needed to be baptized by someone with authority. Have you had any cool missionary experiences lately? If not you should start praying for them, because they're the best! It helps your testimony grow so much when you see the spirit work on others.
Well things are going amazing. I feel kind of weird being in english work, but it's fun. Hope yall have a good week! love you all. Adios!
Con Amor,
Elder Whittle
P.S. So this morning a helicopter was circling our area with a huge megaphone saying that there was a felon on the loose. It kept repeating 30 year old male hispanic, black pants, black shirt, red hat. So ya keep an eye out for him haha. It was crazy. k bye.
P.S.S. The Church is TRUE! yaya

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