Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Elder Taylor Ferguson--September 10, 2012

Hello everyone!

 How are things going? I loved all the care packages!  I've eaten so much stuff haha so thanks all, and I  got some great quotes from GG (thanks so much for that by the way, you sent a note about hope, which is the biggest thing that I'm working on right now, is having hope that I am capable of knowing what to say.) which are super great. but I'm kindof put out, because I don't know how any of my family/BRONTe: (my attempt at those dots) is doing! except for the stuff Grandpa Ike has told me. So thanks for that! (for real Grandpa, sarcastically for the rest of you) unless there is something in the mail. 

EVERYONE can e-mail me, I just can't email them back, so I'll write who I can, but I'm suuuuuuper busy

since i don't know what anyone is doing, I'll get to me :

I got here  Tuesday, we took that photo, and sent it to you. We stayed the night at the mission home, went to the chapel the next day, did this orientation thing, and I met my companion, Elder Costa! He's so great, he just got done with himself being trained 3 months ago!!! and Pres. Hall has him training me! He's from San Paulo, Brazil. he was called as a portugese missionary here,  but once he got here was told to speak english.  He's still learning, but can speak pretty well, just i'm working on building my Elder Ferguson vocabulary w/ him. haha.   He works hard  and we follow all the rules! so get off my back! please!!! hahaha I understand why they exsist, and I follow them because I'm a missionary now and thats what we do. 

We are in downtown orlando, our chapel is across from the temple! We're just below Ocoee, our apartment (right across from Valencia College if you know where that is.) It isn't too ghetto, it's actually pretty nice, but compared to all the rest of our districts ours is a dump! haha it's not a city city, like NY, or even Salt Lake as much a mix between ghetto's and gated communities. which our area has both, literally cut in half. One side of the "main" street here is all nice gated rich people, and the other side is purty darn ghetto. It's fun here there are a tooooon of jamacan's, lots of hations? hatons? hacions? people from haiti. hahaha so there is quite a bit of culture it's great. 

Ok so this month we have 5 baptims lined up. 

One guy got baptized the week before I got here,

a mother and 2 of her kids

we have an old lady who is GG's TWIN!.....but she's black....and Ghetto. She's so funny I love her

and we're setting 2 dates for people tonight. so fingers crossed w/ them. 

One of them is a recent converts son, this jamacan(dunno how to spell it) guy who used to play the drums for Ziggy? Marley. I think that's who it was. not Bob, but one of his kids, and they used to tour the world and stuff, first time I met him he was all doo ragged? up.  But he's a way cool and has been going through some really hard times, but you can see the change in him since he's been reading the BOM.

Then the other one is a mid 20's year old single mom, who we met when we were looking for another inactive member. We met her by helping her take in her groceries, then we offered to come back and teach her, she accepted! yay right? Yeah, but the cool part is when we went back she told us that lately her 6 year old son has been asking all these church questions and wanting to pray etc, etc. So that's why she wanted to talk to us! Talk about someone who's been prepared by God? right? 

They are all great, and we have high hopes for them. we're teaching some others, but they arent' as far along.

The members are pretty awesome, and there are a lot, Saturday night while tracting right after having dinner w/ some members, we knocked a door of some members of the Spanish branch who practically force fed us another meal. We were dying!!! But it's funny because the Portuguise? elders did the same thing with some members from our ward last week hahaha

Love you all, but write me more!

I'm learning loads, 

miss you, love you

-Elder Ferguson

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