Thursday, September 13, 2012

ELder Matthew Whittle -- September 11, 2012

Hey Que Honda!
Man this is a great area! Things are going so great. We had a bunch of investigators come to church on sunday, and they liked it a lot. The Lord has really been blessing us. We're doing really well as a district as well. I've never had such a unified district. It's amazing. Yesterday we had a district meeting and we had a testimony meeting in the Chapel as a district. The spirit was so strong! It was great. I don't ever want to leave this area, but I'm going to have to in 6 more weeks:( That's going to be a hard day.
How's Josh doing? Does he know for sure yet? I think him and his Grandpa should come out to Mission Viejo instead:) They would love it! The people here are great. There's people from all over southern and central america here. We're teaching somebody from Peru right now, and she's been teaching me some Quechwa. It's a dialect from Peru. Really cool sounding too. Imainum chachi canki. (como estas en quechwa). It's been really neat to get to know all these different people. I look back and it's really neat to see that I've taught people from korea, brazil, argentina, guatemala, el salvador, peru, colombia, and all parts of mexico. It's so much fun to get to know all the different cultures.
Elder Hall is doing great. He's been talking more and more. We've been having so much fun together. He has a really fun sense of humor. It's very dry. He's says the funniest things, but he doesn't change his tone of voice or anything.
I'll try and get you some more pictures sent. It's hard to find time because we always have things to be doing, but that's a good thing. This last transfer just flew by. It was crazy. It's seems like we just started the transfer last week. Transfer calls are this weekend, and then transfers are on tuesday, but I don't think anyone in my district is going to be leaving since it was pretty much a district white wash. Elder Kitchen. Do you remember him? He's from farmington. He came out about 8 months ago I think? He's in my district too. He was the only one that had been here before the rest of us got here. So basically all the missionaries in the district are new to the area except Elder Kitchen.
Well Hope you all have a great week. Que esten bien! Banense y no coman tierra!:) Les quiero. adios.
Con amor,
Elder Witle
p..s. Por que vuelan al sur los pajaros en el tiempo de frio?
p.p.s. Por que pintan las unas rojas los elefantes?

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