Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Elder Garrett Allen--September 10, 2012

there fam,
Well there goes an other one. This week has been one to remember. It was nice to hear from you and to see that you are making a splash at work haha. Scott is basically a stud and knows what is up. I love that guy. He has got to teach me all of the stuff that he knows. He basically knows how to do everything in this world. Also I hope that work isn´t to crazy for you and that you aren´t going to die. It would be sweet to see you buff but still haha just take care of yourself. Also crazy how everything is changing and grow back home. I got pictures from Jennie and he is already huge. I can´t wait to meat my two new nieces either. That is going to be sweet even though they are far away haha. Also I will try to get a good word in with the big man up stairs about the job. And it is kinda crazy that StacyAnn has three huge boxes of shoes...Haha maybe she will have to begin to down size her collection haha. I love you guys and miss ya. It would be nice to be there with you but appearently the lord had other plans for me ;)
Anyways this week has a good one. This past Sunday we got to see the dedacation of the temple in buenos aires and Saturday was my birthday and the culture event of the temple.
So Miguel treated me great for my birthday haha. We had about a thousand empanadas and it was amazing. I also but to learn how to make them but it is super hard to fold them for me so I kinda failed at that haha. But what can you do. After that we had a cake that his wife made and it has awesome. It had soccer goals and everything. It was a great time. I really enjoyed it. There are photos that i will send you in another email. They also bought me a gift of smell good stuff. They are great. M. is one of my friends and hopefully we will be baptisming his wife soon. We just have to get them married and her to stop smoking. Little things. haha. So that was awesome. After that we got to go to the culture event of the temple in the stake center. It was awesome. We took one of are other investagotores. We got to see all of the tradiccional dances and all of that great stuff. It was awesome. It gave me a deeper love and apperication for argentina and the people here. It is a great place. I love it. The people here are crazy and it makes it all of the better. It was a really good day. A birthday that I will always remember that is for sure haha.
Then the next day we got to see the temple dedaction. It was sweet. The one and only dedaction that I think I will ever see in Spanish. It was interesting to hear eyring talk in english and then here the guy translate it live. My brain hurt a little with the two languages at the same time but it was awesome. There were three parts to it. The first one we forgot are temple recamendations but they let us pass haha. After that we had to go all the way back to find them. But be sides that it was an awesome experience. The temple is really the most important thing that the lord has blessed us with. I may very greatful to live in a bless where these blessing are so close and easy for us. It was also cool to see one of the twele speaking in spanish. Christofferson Knows spanish and he conducted the meetings. It was a awesome experience and the talks were amazing. It really taught me a lot more about the temple and how important it really is to do the work for those people that dont have it. We have to chance to go help the people that can´t help themselves but are waiting for us to do it. We have to help them out!! It was a great experience and yea...in spanish so yep. Eyring changed a lot for me with 3 simple words. He said, "This is Real". That is all. But the spirit hit me so strong from that... This really is real and we really are called and elected to be worth and live rightously to enter in to the temple. There we can keep doing are missionary service as we promessed to do when we entered into baptism. I love the quote that is in preach my gospel that says something along the lines of temple and missionary work are the same thing and that we should start to close the gap between these two things. Its so true. We can help those people that can´t help themselves. This is real. We are really in this to together and have the chance to recieve the great promise in D and C of joy that we can recieve by bring one soul or many souls unto christ. We are in a great and wonderous work.Also Eyring shared his experience about walking in the hall of the temple and feeling that the savior had walked in that same hall. How awesome is that? It really is the house of the lord and he dewells in it. We may not see him but this is really and we need to take away the veal and little and remember the knowledge that we had be for this life and the faith we had in Christ that he would save us.
Anyways those are to two big things that happened this week. I hope my stories match up with all of the crazy stuff happening back home and that you enjoy them. haha
Service is really important in this world. It is the "pure love of christ" and if we dont have charity we are basically nothing according the the scriptures. I am not sure about the whole not being able to bake thing though...I think that it is more of the thought and action that counts and less of what we actually give. Yea of course we have to use are own talents and all of that to and when we have to chance to us it we got try. Cause we cant bury them. Just do whatever you can and try your best that is all you can do right?
Anyways my time and such is gone but that is basically my week. I hope that everything is going great at home and I can´t wait to here from you next week. I am 21 and and still have not done anything haha. Man I am getting old. Anyways I cant wait to hear from you next week. I might be in another area cause this is the last week of the transfer. We will see what happes. It will be sad to leave but I already have 6 and a half months here so yea...ANyways I love you all and hope the past from you!! Take care!

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