Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle-- September 4, 2012

Que Pachuca por taluca mis Chapines! haha
La palabra corriente quiere decir current, y arrastrar quiere decir, take away. So remember a shrimp that sleeps, the current takes him away:) Es un dicho en espanol que quiere decir como si alguien no hace algo, las cosas del mundo le controlan. Hay otro dicho bien chistoso: Con paciencia y saliva le hizo el amor, un elefante a una hormiga. haha
Things have been going great here. Elder Hall is doing really well. I'm surprised how well he already speaks spanish. He took I think 6 years in school so he already knows it pretty well. The work has been progressing a lot in our area. We have a couple people with fechas bautismales so things are going great! Our district here is awesome too. I've never had a district so unified as I have here. We do conference calls at night, so like a three way call so everyone can talk and we talk about the miracles we all saw during the day. It's really neat. We had a super fun district activity too. We made a cabin out of cardboard and dressed up as cowboys and indians, and made tipees (Spelling?). It was awesome haha. Then we made tin foil dinners, ate cactus, and mexican candy, queso fresco. It was so fun haha. I'll have to send you some pictures of it.
Man Jake's already gettin married?! That's crazy. It's really weird to hear about all that stuff. That's cool that you saw Kaleigh. Tell her Hola por mi! That's good that megs and el Chapin are going to be closer to yall. And yes that was a brilliant idea to put all of her stuff in the toyhauler. I know what it's like to live with an older person. It's great! They always brighten up yur day. In Del Mar we lived with a 96 year old senior. He was awesome!
I can't believe Kyle is already done. I remember when he left. Time goes by way to fast. Justin Christensen and Caleb Weeks are going to be done super soon as well. How was Kyle's homecoming talk?
Wellp I'll try to get some pictures off soon. Love you all. Gracias por todo! Que esten bien! Adios
Con Amor,
Elder Witle!

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