Thursday, August 30, 2012

Elder Taylor Ferguson-- August 30, 2012

Family how are you doing?!?!
I have been looking all over for my Patriarchal blessing but cannot find that/ or my big preach my gospel. so if you could at least send my p blessing i'd be super greatful.
my travel information is as follows:
Flight from SLC, to Orlando leaves at 9:45 A.M. on Monday the 3rd. we leave the MTC at 6:00 on monday morning. so i'll probabally call somwhere between 8:00 and 9:15, so be ready. and then from then on i'll be two hours ahead in orlandoooooooooo!
i'm pretty much over my cold, except for at night when i cough myself to sleep, and the morning when i'm super plugged up :)
i've sent the ritterb's a rather jolly drawing, hopefully she'll share it with everyone, it really "illustrates" what we (missionaries) are all about. but not really we're more about "inviting others to come unto christ" than what is in the photo. that is just a flippin sweet byproduct.
1st things first. WHAT.THE.CRAP. You can't just say a brotha (steve)is in the E.R. and not say why!!!!!! not to mention i've recieved multiple letters and photo's since talking about it. and yet i still know nothing!!!! is he gunna be blind????? did he get stung? hit in the eye by a big burley chick? get hit by a golf ball, eat a nut and develop and allergy??? do you see my frustration!!??
Hope your ok broseph
time for me here has gone by way fast too, it seems like i showed up, had a really long first 2 days, then the rest blend to where i am today, it's crazy talk. i'm kinda glad i'm not learnign a language, it'd be supes tough to stay here for 9-12 weeks. hahah
i'm so glad brooke said yes, last time we talked she seemed kind of into some other guy. I don't remember his name but i'm pretty sure it was someone other than Zach hahahah jk i'm so happy for you guys!!!!!!!! P.S. Brooke, once you go through the temple you'll almost be as richous as me...not quite...but kinda close. hahaha jk i'm really so happy fo real!
Thanks for the photo's and calling cards, i loved them, i'll try to work down the list as i make calls, but just be ready.
Oh, and thanks again for the sewing kit, it's super rad, i'm about to go use it to fix my pocket, i still have to pack all my crap so i'm kinda not looking forward to that, but it's alright, i'm ready to get outta here.
I sent y'all another s.d. card so hope you like the content of that.
i dunno if i told you about the musicisions we have in our room, but we have these 2 elders who one plays the tin whistle/penny whistle/ little recorder thing that's super rad, so every night i beg him to play me Lord of the Rings Tunes, but it's bad cause it makes me super sad i'm missing the hobbits parts 1-3!!!!!! but it's ok it's quite glorious. THen the other who is 1/2 navajo, 1/2 comanche. plays his native american double chamber flute it's so pretty, it's great, so everynight as we lay down to sleep they serenade(don't really care about spelling) us, it's da bomb.
but i've had so many spiritual experiences since i've been here it's hard to decide even where to begin. but i think one of the simplest yet profound things i've realized is that for these investigators baptism isn't about joining the church. it's about following christs example and following the commandments we have been given by god that are nessisary to return to him. and another thing i love, that i knew about before, but didn't really pay much attention to is the fact that we all chose to be here. we dind't follow satan. we chose the right (no pun intended, p.s. please look for my black CTR ring and send it to me if possible, or hook me up with one, that'd be great. thanks) way to go about things, which was to come to earth, and get our bodies, use our agency to put off the natural man, just like it says in mosiah (8:somethin i believe but i don't have my scriptures right here, so go find it) that is one of my favorite scriptures, p.s. what one is on my plack?? did we ever talk about that?? if we don't have one let me know and i'll hook you up with a few of my favorites.) and continue to choose the right, and follow god's commandments so we can fulfill the plan of happieness, and be in Spirit paradise until the second coming then can continue on in following christs example!
i love you all, expecially you momma stay strong, know i'm doing fine. I can't even begin to explain how greatful i am for you dad, grand ma g pa, and all my other adultly mentors in life for pushing me to better myself and do the things that are hard. because just since i've been here i have gotten a tsaste of how hard it will really be when i'm out there, and thank you for teaching me how to work. there are so many people here who have no idea how to work and i wanna slap 'em, but i have christs name on my nametag so i don't. i take the tag off then slap 'em. jk but i'm trying to be a good example for'em. A'las i'm out o' time, like i wrote you earlier in the week, try to write me the reply to this so i can know what i'm going to say to maximize/ STREAMLINE my emails hahaha

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