Sunday, August 19, 2012

ELder Matthew Whittle-- Aug 13, 2012

Que pachuca por taluka!
Man Pres. Cook just let's the cat out of the bag everytime haha. Ya Elder Hall and I are here in Mission Viejo right now. About 20 minutes away from the Newport Beach temple. We actually just got back from the Newport Temple. It's an awesome temple! We like it here in Mission Viejo. It's a nice area, but really really hot! We're right inland from laguna niguel. It's fun though. Walking around in the 100 degree weather sweating to death haha. It's awesome. Elder Hall is a stud. He has really good spanish already. We're getting along really well. It's crazy we're white washing obviously so we don't know our area at all, but it's super fun, and I'm so glad I'm in an all spanish district. Now I can hold district meetings in Spanish, and talk on the phone all in Spanish. That's one thing I didn't like about being down in Del Mar, but I do miss that area too. I'm excited for you to meet Juana, Martin, y Brandon. They're awesome!
Elder Hall got his first Baptismal date set this week. It was awesome. We taught the restoration and Elder Hall invited the investigator to be baptized, and they accepted after we resolved their doubt. He's doing really well. This area is awesome. I feel like I'm back in Mexico again, how I felt in O side. There's a lot of hispanics around everywhere. It's actually a ward here too, instead of just a branch.
So I agree with Gertrude. We shouldn't sell Cherry until I get back;) haha, unless someone is willing to pay like 10,000 for her. I'm glad to hear that he's doing well in Argentina! I miss that guy. I'm so glad he's out serving, and I can't wait to hear his goofy argentine accent. It will be fun to all talk after the mission.
Man so what's new with the Choster? I miss that guy! I'm still waiting for his letter:) haha. I need to get him off another one as well. Have the missionaries been by to visit his parents yet? What's new with that?
So I might have lost my License..... ya I'm going to look for it more in the appartment today when we get back. I had it a couple of days ago when we checked in but I'm not sure where it is yet. I'll let you know if I find it.
Man The Corbster is going to feel really awkward in english work for the first little while. It's really weird to teach in English, but It's fun too. It's cool to experience it both ways. I really liked being in the Single's ward. It was a blast!
I got the package by the way. Thanks it was great. Tell Josh that he has to wait until I get back to go to Powell so I can come with again. Maybe I'll just fly to like St. George and then head over to Lake Powell for the week;) haha. Tell Josh hi and I love him and I'm praying for him.
Well love you all. Things are going great. Have a good week!
Con amor,
Elder Witle!

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