Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Elder Devin Oviatt--Aug 6, 2012

Man this week has been awesome but probably my slowest of my mission so far. We have been waiting for move calls. We think that Elder Manga is moving and I'm saying some where. But I really want to stay. OH yea  So elder Manga's Parents are going to go to Utah in october for the conference. They were wondering what they should go do and see while there. We thought it would be kinda funny if you guys met up. So yea that might be cool. OH yea so now i can officially say that Iv'e been attacked by a dog on my mission. haha We we're at Isabels visiting with her and her family and when we we're getting ready to go. Marcus Her younger brother had got the dog all worked up and he bit me on my arm. Not hard but enough to break the skin. The family was freaking out and I was Like I'm fine. It's not the first time I;ve been bitten and how Iv'e been around dogs all my life. They felt really bad. But hey for the time being I have some really cool bite marks. (: Also we might be moving apartments. We think some one broke into our flat. Its fine but yeah. We went to the London Eye again to go contacting. Thats still so much fun. Its funny how much of the Olympics Iv'e been seeing. Every ones house we go to is watching the Olympics. So yea We actually see alot of it. GO USA!!! haha. Iv'e never been so patriotic till I got on my mission.
  Oh so for P day we played football(soccer) and because we are in England we had to say a harry potter spell every time we kicked the ball. That was hilarious.
 We havn't been able to see N. t. this week. M. flog on our appointment. so yea its just been a okay week. We have been doing a lot of finding and trying to talk to as many people as possible on the bus and just where ever we are. I stil am amazed at how many people I meet from all over the world. Im loving that part of it. I want to stay here cause I love the members and our investigators but It would be cool to go somewhere else. So The end of this transfer signals the end of my training. I cant wait till I get to. I feel Like that would be really fun. But we'll see. :) I love you guys and I miss All of you. Love
Elder Oviatt

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