Friday, August 24, 2012

Elder Taylor Ferguson-- Aug 23, 2012 (Yea!!! First Email)

Hello Family,
Thanks for getting me Elder Whittles address, if i could get Elder Moor's that'd be great too.
I was aware it was Pres Monsons B-Day on tuesday night, because at that night's fireside Elder Neil L. Anderson came and Spoke to us, on the some of Pres monsons favorite things. And we actually Sang happy birthday to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was great, they put a picture of Pres monsons face on the projectors and that was what we sang too hahaha
I don't have time to say much about this, but Elder Anderson said this "whom the lord Calls- He Qualifies" when he said this it was a huge comfort to me, because of the lacking scriptorian i am. i'll write more about the talk next time (if possible) it was really really cool.
Elder Potter is going to FOM (nice accro) and he's super great like i said, you can see if Bronch will share her letter i sent to her on WED night. It has a more diffinitive explination of him.If there was a picture of just 1 missionary it'd be him.
 i'll have more on the way soon, but i'd really like if you guys could send me some photo's of eli (like real ones, not on the camera) because the ones you took wouldn't convert over, so i couldn't look at them on my camera. and if you want you could just send that digital picture frame, i have so much extra room in my suitcases, and it'd be nice to have that to look through. but it's "whateber" (nacho, my whole district loved that movie so we quote it allllll the time.) but the thing our district quotes the most is for sure tommy boy! everything here is so much funnier here (at least to me, probabally because I miss funny Pics!)
Like i said in one of the letters i wrote, (i think bronte's) there are 10 people in my district 7 are going to FOM, and 3 are going to PITT. then in the other district that came in the same day as us, there are 12 ppl, and 10 are going to FOM as well. One is Elder Allred from Farmington, and that one Elder Duffy is the one from that "Zions Merchantile" store. The 4 elders that were in our room when we got here (the ZL's) were headed to Denmark, and were all really great, and really good examples. But they left Monday morning (like 3:30 A.M.) so Elder Potter and I have had our rooom to ourselves for a few days. but yesterday we got our new roomies, they are also all going to denmark, they are pretty funny dudes, and one is Full blooded Native American!!!!!! 1/2 Navajo, 1/2 Comanche!  and his confirmation to go on a mission came throught a Bet, and a Jones soda bottle Cap! i'll tell you about it later if you remind me. it's way cool.
Thanks for the hollistic medicines (i don't know if they really are, but i wanted to say that) i actually bought some of that alka seltzer (just some individual packs) and it really helped, so thanks Dad!! like i told bronte I got sick on Saturday, with a sore throat, then sunday a nasty cold (with all the symptoms), but by monday it was just a sore throat. And tuesday/wed pretty much just had no voice (which made it difficult to teach, but forced me to slow down (a lot) and really let the spirit teach. so maybe i'ts a good thing) and today it's pretty much all gone, i have a small cough, and my voice is pretty much back. SO MOM DON'T WORRY! and thanks for the Vit. C Elder Potter is a super health nut/germaphobe, so i'll be alright.
WAY TO GO STEVE! hahaha i'm glad someone is doing it! how is golf???
Madi i really badly wanted to get a card from here and send it to you but i wansn't able to get one in time, so hope you can forgive me, "Happy AgE?ing/ Aging"
BROOOOOKE. Where is the heads up???
JK im really happy/ excited for you.
Ive seen Elder Hav. a few times, but i see Elder Scovel a bunch. Sorry im about out of time.
Love you all a lot and write me ton's please it helps keep me going!!!!!!

P.S. ask me about Zone Teaching.(it's my favorite spiritual Experiance i've had yet!!!, sorry about spelling i'm focused on Quanity, not as much quality with this. So excuse i hahahahahah. "RAS TRENT" look it up, lonely island!

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