Sunday, August 19, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore-- Aug. 13, 2012

 Well this week has been a pretty good week. And it would have to be, because it will be my last week here in this part of the mission. The Lord has called me another way. I will be heading down to San Pedro, the southern part of the mission, and I will be a Zone Leader. So no more Downey and Santa Fe Springs, for right now. I was kinda bummed because I was just beginning to warm up to this area, and the people, and my investigators. But with new changes and responsibilities comes the opportunity to grow and be a better missionary. I'm just going to hold on tight and enjoy the ride. I will no be serving in an English area, but I will have plenty of opportunities to practice my Spanish with the Spanish companionships that are in my zone. It will be weird to go to an English ward, because up to this point in my mission I have only been going to Spanish wards. Overall I'm a little nervous for all the changes but the Lord knows better than I do. So yeah those is the big changes that are going to be happening this week.
       Our week was pretty good we focused a lot on some of the training material that we received and that really helped us to help our investigators. We visited with R and A a couple of times this week. They are doing wonderful, they have a lot of great questions, and are wanting to follow the Savior. A..a is still doing amazing, and they girls are liking the lessons as well. They came to church this week, and really loved it. It was hard for the daughters last week in church, because they are getting used to the Spanish but this week they understood and had a great time. They also went with us to the departing missionary fireside with us last night and they really liked that. Overall it was a pretty good week, and looking forward to another great one this week.
       Well sorry this one was short got to go because there is some stuff that I need to finish up on. Hope to hear from you all, and have a wonderful week.

Con Amor
Elder Moore


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