Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore--Aug, 6, 2012

  Well we had a good week this last week. We were able to focus on finding more investigators through using our area book. Working with the formers investigators, and the potentials. We had picked out a couple to focus on this week and then passed by during the week. Well one of the days, it was late out and we decided that we were going to try and contact one more to see if we would be able to contact. So we checked out the address and we couldn't make out the number. We figured it was probably a 3 and then we drove to the respective area. We arrived and knocked the door, a woman answered the door and asked if she could help us. We told her who we were looking for, but she replied that no one lived there by that name. So we just proceded to tell her about our message. She said that she was busy then but that we could try to come back another day in the afternoon. So we found a potential through misreading the number. So the following day we decided that we were going to try and visit the same person but to try the other number that we thought it was. So we parked to the car and started walking to the house. As we were walking down the street, a man that was sitting out on his porch called out to us. He told us that he was a member from a different city. We continued talking to him, and found out that he was actually an investigator from a different mission that had recently moved into our area. He invited us in and we got to know him a little bit more and his girlfriend too. His name is R. and her's, A. He had been receiving missionary lesson up in the Valley, and wanted to continue with the church. Turns out one side of his family are all members and so that is going to help also. Not that he is not already prepared, because this guy has a Quad (the standard works) of the church, and he also has the missionary library and is reading, Jesus the Christ. We are going to be seeing them later tonight so I wlll keep you posted on them.
       Also this week we have been able to continue working with Al., and her two girls. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and they loved it. They had so many questions and couldn't even believe that we actually exsisted before this world. That is now their favorite question to ask their other extended family members, "Do you know where you were before this life?", it is super funny. They are progressing amazingly and are prepared to hear the Gospel. We will continue working with them and help Al.prepare for her baptism, on the 2nd of September. It funny to think that Al. was also from the Valley and just fell right into our hands. Mine I love have a good quarterback that knows how to throw the good passes.
       Well other than that Elder Stinson and I have been doing amazing. We were able to help the Relief Society president with an activity that they had for the women of the ward, and the woman investigators that we have. We are thinking about starting up an english class here in our ward. And just searching for more people along the way. Elder Stinson and I are working out every morning and then to finish the workout, I always have myself a nice smoothie that is pack with protien.
       What's new back home? It was good to hear that you all are still rocking out to that good old 80's music. I love that stuff and miss it dearly. How was the Iron Maiden concert? Amazing I bet, with a horrible atmoshere. How is J-dogg doing? Tell that kid that I want to hear from him. Also if you could talk to Josh, and let him know that I am still waiting for that letter he said he was sending?.....Glad Brayden is doing well. What is next on the agenda for him? Any progress on the papers or anything? Bernie how is the football going? Tell me what is going on. Are you playing running back? Are you playing safety? Are you 6'6", 225lbs, and ready to crush someone? If not you'd better get on that one. You got to get ready for high school ball. That is going to be next year, and you'll want to be ready for that. Make sure that you don't get lazy during the off season. Get out of the house, any from the TV and go running or something. Keyton, what is the story? I heard a little from you but it was only about priest's camp. What is going on in your life? Are you getting ready for your junior year in high school? This is the year you just have to bust you butt, trying to get everything ready, so that during your senior year you can do the things that you want to do. Always remember to keep the grades up, and that you are preparing for a better future. I wish you the best of luck. Study hard, work hard, play hard. Have a wonderful week.
Con Amor Elder Moore

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