Monday, August 27, 2012

Elder Garrett Allen-- August 27, 2012

Dear Fam,
YAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!! She made it haha. I am glad that she is married and her dance party rocked!!!! it sounds like a success. That is totally the type of wedding that I want to have but I am never getting married so lets be serious haha. I totally am not good enough for this whole marriage thing haha. Honestly marriage is something important and I now that. I have some talks by Bruce R monckie that are rocking. He seems to talk a lot about the good old temple marriage. I have learned a lot now about the importance of the temple now. One of my favorite quotes is from Bruce where he says that " one of the most important things is marrying the right person, at the right time, under the right authority!" He knows what is up. He gives a sweet talk about how to find a spouse and how you should go about the process of doing it. So yea that is what I study now haha. The bible has gotten boring in spanish haha. Maybe I will jump back to the book of mormon. Anyways enough with the rambling and lets jump into the letter for this week haha.
So yea, It is crazy to think that I have been gone only 8 months and I already have two new nieces and a brother-in-law to get to know. Hopefully my whole family isn´t all over the place by this time and I can actually do that. Family is super important and something that we need to treasure. That is one of the sucky things about be the youngest in the family. You get to watch everyone else go out and leave and you are the last one to do anything haha. Hopefully we can all get together sometime again after my mission. I think that a Disney land trip would be justified haha.
So this week has been a pretty good week. We had interviews with the President and that was an adventure. I still don´t really know what happened. He just said a lot of stuff and I got really lost about what he was talking about. It wasn´t because he was speaking another language it was more because he was jumping around a lot and say a lot of things that were out of context but besides that it was good haha. President is a stud. He may not be my favorite person but he was called by god to lead this mission and he knows more then I do so there is that. I just need to follow his counsel and trust in God. You know basically the things that I am not the best at haha. You know that I am stubborn as a mule haha. But yea it was good. Also this week I have been declared has Argentino from my comp. He has now decide that it is in my blood haha. I also am a little unsure what that means but what can you do haha. So a fun story for this week happened this sunday. My comp and I were at are baptism and I left my bag in the sacrament room and got things already. During this time the Bishops children got into my bag and stole coins from me. Like 2 or 3 peso. nothing to big. They can to me and were saying that they had my coins but I didn´t really understand because I was busy and had no idea what they were talking about. Later that night I opened up my bag to find that my coins were gone and that is when it all fit in. So the next day was Sunday and I talked to the Mom. I just wanted her to get a laugh from it and enjoy how her kinds robbed a white guy haha but she needed up taking it way seriously and called her kids over and we had little discussion right there haha. It was great. A Agnry women from argentina talking to her kids is awesome. Something that you just have to see to understand haha. It was had to be serious and not laugh when she was trying to teach her kids a lesson haha. I know that is probably awful but what can you do haha. 
So the mission is going great! I am glad that work is starting up again and that the kids are in school. I have no idea how Craig is going to do school, work and have a daughter but I know that he can do it haha. Good luck Bro haha! I give a big huge and a huge hello from good old Argentina. The work is moving forward. The rock has been cut out of the mountain and it is moving forward with an unstoppable force! I am still a live and kicking it haha. Also Happy birthday to StacyAnn and happy wedding day! You guys are in my heart and in my prayers. I love you all fam and friends! Take care of your self and until next week. Nos Vemos. Les quiero.
Elder Allen (aka, garrett)

P.s. if you have sent me a package you got to tell me what is in it please haha. Also yea. take care!!!! Also there are photos. I dont know if you got the ones from last week. Tell me if you didn´t

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