Monday, August 20, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore-- August 20, 2012

Subject: Speaking Good Ol' English

       Well this past week has been pretty crazy. Tuesday was my last day in Downey so we went to the set appointments that we had and said goodbye to my investigators, and then came home that night so that we could plan for the next day, and then I got right to packing because my ride was going to be there early to pick me up. So I got all of my stuff packed, and it was very surprisingly fast. So the next morning I was out the door and on my way to San Pedro. I arrived early Wednesday morning, and then we got right to it. I brought my stuff in the apartment, and then we ate lunch. After that it was out the door so that we could drive up to Santa Monica to go to the new zone leader meeting. So other than that I have just been trying to get used to the whole English thing. It has been pretty weird lately but I'm sure that it will only get better so yeah.
        My companion's name is Elder Takogawa. He was my zone leader when I was up in LA 6th. He is from Japan, and is a really good missionary. Unfortunately this is going to be his last transfer so I will have to suck all the knowledge out of his brain before he leaves. His whole family are members, except for his dad. His mom is a convert, but he grew up in the church. He came to the states for high school in Virginia, so his English is really good. So we are going to kill it this transfer. Right now we are in finding mode, but it is all good we are just going to tract a lot, and we through the members so that we can find some solid people to teach.
         The area of San Pedro is pretty mixed. We work a lot in some ghettoer areas, but we also have part of the Palos Verdes Estates. So both sides of the spectrum. It is going really well though. They are a lot of Hispanic people down here, so I basically use my Spanish everyday to talk to people on the street, and then just refer them to the Spanish-speaking sisters that cover our area as well. There are even a couple of Spanish speakers in the ward. Returned missionaries and what not. Oh and there is this one brother here in the ward that served his mission in Melbourne, Australia. A couple years before Trent so I talked to him about that. Overall all the ward is really good, and it was weird yesterday to be sitting in an English ward, and not being the only blonde, white person there.
         Well other than that everything is basically the same here. Just our here doing the Lord's work. I am loving every minute of it. Even though there are hard times I just try not to focus on what is going on, rather what is it that I am supposed to learn. Well hope that it is going great for you all. If you need to get a hold of me, you know where to find me. Bernie keep up the football stuff, and hit the weights a little bit. Keyton do something fun this year in school, join a club or something. Alrighty well peace out and I will talk to you all soon enough.

Con Amor
Elder Moore


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