Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Elder Corbin Moore-- December 6, 2011

Subject: Transfers

Well its been six weeks and is now time for transfers. They will be this wednesday, so yeah just getting everything ready for those. Who knows if I will be staying or going. Well this past week has been pretty good, we have been working a lot with the Silva Family, and they all came to church expect for two of the daughters, because one of them is pregnant and sick, and so obviously someone had to stay behind and help her. But they are progressing great. They are all working towards baptismal dates and are getting really excited for those. One of the daugthers is friends with a member, you just turn 8 and got baptized this saturday. So she attended the baptism and now really wants to get baptized pretty soon. It's so great to be able to begin to teach someone and as you continue coming back, you start to notice a change in them. They just start to seem happier and such. Well it was a good week for them. We are shooting for the 18th of December with them. This week we also had the opportunity to talk with Veronica. She just returned from vacation. So we sat down with her and had a conversation about the gospel. And wow was our minds opened. We had so much light shed on her situation. So we will continue to work with her. She even invited us over on tuesday to have dinner, and to talk. This week I have also had a pretty cool experience. I was able to finish the Book of Mormon. So overall it took me three weeks to read it, and now I have started it in Spanish, maybe i'll be able to finish it in spanish, by the end of the year. I also finished Our Search for Happiness, written by Elder M Russell Ballard. And started the Doctrine and Covenants again. I have had a lot of study things going on this week. Its so nice just to be able to sit down and read more and more stuff about the gospel. (Oh and speaking about, gospel. I also finished Gospel Principle this week too.) jajaja. I many of you know I hate reading, but I have been doing so much here in the Mission field. Yes hear in California we did have some crazy wind storms also. But it was only one night that was really bad. Oh and I was in my first earthquake. It was very small, but still cool to experience. With all of these crazy "Mother Nature" things going on. It makes you think really how close the second coming really is. I have been reading a lot about that lately, and when I start to think about we need to get prepared, because the hour is soon at hand. Getting food storage is an important thing, because there will come a time when we are going to have to have something to live off. The world is slowly starting to spiral into a wicked place. So we just have to be on our toes. "Wo be unto those which shall say all is well in Zion." Satan is working his hardest, because he knows that soon enough he will be bound for 1000 years. Be alert, be ready, and be active in the gospel. If we are continually putting our trust in the Lord and following the counsel of the Prophets we will have nothing to worry about. Keyton thanks for the e-mail, it was funny because I got the one that you sent this week, and then also randomly I finally got the one that you sent on the 30th of October. jajajja. Sounds like you all have been having some crazy times with the wind there in Utah. How about the snow? Mom thanks for the package I finally got that. And thank you to all for the e-mails. Sorry I don't have enough time to write everyone individually, but I really do appreciate all of the emails. Bryson hope that you had a good birthday, and Brayden stay strong to the end. What a blessing it will be when you can say that you gave it your all, every single day of your mission. Make sure you don't forget after you come home that you will always be a missionary. You may not have the badge, but when we were baptized with took his name upon his. Hope that all is well, and that everyone is doing great. I'll let you know about transfers. Mom, not really sure what I'm going to need in the Christmas package. I let you know as soon as I think of anything. Well my time is running thin. As this Christmas season approachs I hope that everyone won't get to caught up in the commercial side of Christmas, but to be able to really think about why we celebrate this time of year. CHRISTmas.

Con Amor
Elder Moore


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