Monday, December 12, 2011

Elder Corbin Moore-- December 12, 2011

Well its another new week here in Los Angeles and I am in a different part of it. I have been transferred from my old area. I am no in an area called LA 6th. Its a pretty interesting area, I have USC in my area but I also have a lot of ghetto, which just gives me a new view. Its so weird not being able to be in my area anymore working with the same people. I hope that they are all doing well without me. My new area is a bike area, and so my legs are really sore, jaja. Sometimes it can getting a little interesting, riding you bike around at night time down here in LA. I have already had some really crazy experiences with the people, and what not. My companions name is Elder Reichman, and its weird because we were pretty good friends in the MTC. He has only been out one more transfer than me. We are doing pretty good here in our area. We have set two baptismal dates for Christmas day. So hopefully those will go through just fine. We are working on finding more investigators so that after our baptisms we will still have more people to be teaching. I got a call from Elder Conlin y Elder Boyd last night. They were just calling to let me know that Griselda Silva should be having her baptism here shortly, and so hopefully I will be able to find a ride to that. It would be nice to see someone that I taught get baptized. And for you dad, I don't really know what is happening with Veronica. It was really weird though because her ex-husband lives in my stake and so they were have a stake christmas thing. Elder Reichman and I were only there because we were going to be picked up by some members to go to the Visitors Center with an investigator, and so I walked in and here comes Veronica with her Ex-husband and her daughter. She was so surprised to see me all the way up here in this area. I was so nice to be able to see her, I hope that everything goes great with her. Im sure Elder Conlin will let me know if they have a baptism with her.These last couple days I have spent a lot of time just trying to adapt to my surroundings and a different lifestyle with the bike. I don't think I've every felt more out of place in my life. I fill as though you could spot me from a million miles away. There are so many Hispanics, African Americans,and some Asians. Just a mix of everyone, expect for Caucasians. It really is great to get to see everyones different cultures. Especially this time of year when people ether have their house just decked out with everything or nothing at all. I miss not being able to have a white Christmas but we are having plenty of rain. I feel as though I am getting the full missionary experience. Just picture me wearing all my church clothes, with my backpack on, riding on my bike in the pouring rain, and then on top of that I am balancing my huge laundry bag on my handlebars as I drive and try not to get hit by the speeding cars down here in LA. Doesn't that just sound really funny. I can't even imagine what people are thinking when they pass me. Jajaja. So it has been really different here, but im just loving every minute of it. The most amazing part about it all, is that I know that there is some one who knows exactly how it is. In Alma 7:11-12, we read about how our savior and the things that he suffered for us. Not once does it mention anything about sin, even though we all know that that was a very big part of it. But these two verses focus specifically on all the other things. For anybody who is reading this e-mail who may be having some struggles right now, I would like you to take a minute, and think about our Savior. Remember that whatever you may be going through now, that there is someone who suffered all. He knows exactly how you are feeling, your struggles, your hardships. As one of my favorite scriptures says, eveything will be for our good. The son of man has descended below them all, art thou greater than he.(D&C 122:7-9) Well hopefully you have a wonderful week. Keep in mind why we celebrate Christmas

Con Amor Elder Moore


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