Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Elder Matthew Whittle-- December 13, 2011

Que Honda!

Pues primero para papa, la palabra cholos significa gangsters, y trabajo significa como un job. Como estan todos? Que hay de nuevo? We had two crazy intercambios en la semana pasada. Elder Kidd went clear to Escondido for 24 hours, and two elders came to our area. It was a mission wide spanish exchange. It was pretty intense, and fun. Then we just had another intercambio yesterday. Elder Finan, our district leader, came to our area and Elder Kidd went to the other. It was a good exchange too. It was cool to take the lead in everthing. Mi espanol esta mejorando finalmente.

I honestly have no idea about the call on christmas. I totally forgot about that actually. I guess I'll ask Elder Finan today. Ya Grandma could just put it in the bank. Tell her thanks and that I love her and Grandpa. Also tell them sorry I haven't been able to really write back. Casi nunca tenemos tiempo a escribir. Estamos ocupados. I'll try to write when I get a chance. That's so cool that Trude is going. I'm so excited for him. He's going to bless so many lives. I can't wait for him to get out here. Ojala elder terry comes to California. That would be so sweet. I wonder if they would reassign him to learn spanish. I know that there's a reason for this.

Elder Kidd is going to leave next Monday, so we'll see what happens. Most likely I'll be in a trio for three weeks, but still in charge of pozole y central. He really doesn't want to leave. He's a good missionary. Very focused. I've learned a ton from him. He might stop by and visit you guys on the way home from the airport. We'll see how that goes.

I honestly have no idea about the package stuff. Sorry. I'm as clueless as you are, probably more actually haha. Thanks for sending it though. It's always nice to get packages, and ya some dipping chocolate for the cockroaches suena bien rica! ;)

The other night we talked to a testigo de jehova that I had helped lift a transmission into the back of a car the other day. We got talking about the fall of Adam and we explained to him that it was part of the plan because God had given them two comandments, and he knew what was going to happen. We explained that if it weren't for the fall we wouldn't be here. After that it was like the spirit just smacked him in the face. He thought it was very interesting, and was really nice. It wasn't a bash at all. He said were welcome to come over sometime and talk when were around, but didn't want to set an appointment. He's a really cool guy.

Well I guess I will talk to you all soon. I'm excited for Cho's family, and hope they will be able to feel the spirit to know it's true. It really will change there lives for forever. Well I guess I will talk to you all soon....weird. haha Umm ya keep being the awesome family you are. I love you all. La Iglesia es verdadera, y Jesucristo Vive!

Con Amor,
Elder Whittle

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