Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Elder Matthew Whittle--December 6, 2011

Que honda!

Wow that storm sounds like it was pretty crazy! I'm glad everyone is ok. So for dad que honda significa "What's up" en la langua de los cholos, y la palabra obra significa "work" como la obra misional (missionary work). El dia de accion de gracias es thanksgiving. un poquito raro no?

So we had a crazy miracle last night. We have an investigador, Eliana, She has been having a problem con fumar (smoking) We talked about fasting before this sunday, and invited her to fast with us for her to be able to stop smoking, and understand what she was learning better. Well we fasted and she got a little sick from it, and didn't come to church, but she still fasted even though she had a bad headache. Well we taught her again last night and she said she had just recieved a letter from her friend that she knows was an answer to her prayer. Then she told us that she's done smoking. She said she had four left in her pack, and she told her cousin anna that she's just going to smoke the last four, but guess what? She just decided to throw the last four away. She's almost ready to be baptized. She also said she wants to give the lesson next week in FHE. It's amazing how fasting works. Some blessings we cannot recieve without fasting.

My hips are doing fine. No problems. I'm glad to hear Cho's doing well. I miss him too. There's a member down here that reminds me a lot of Cho. Cho's such a stud. I'll try to get a letter to him today. We're really busy all the time so it's hard sometimes. So my trainer leaves in 14 days and then I'm in charge of my area. It's going to be pretty intense but I'm excited. I'll probably go over to the elders in the area next to ours, but I'll have the phone, and be setting up all the appointments for our area. I'll probably have to go with a member to visit our investigadors a lot while the other elders visit their investigadors. It's pretty intense, but really exciting.

So you thought some of the houses were a mess? You should totally come down here and see some of the places. I think you would pass out. Some of the houses we go into are really tiny and have tons of cocroaches and spiders on the food, floor, and everywhere else. It's crazy. One lady opened her door once and the part of the door that touches the door frame was just covered in smashed cocroaches. It's pretty nasty. Our problem with the cocroaches is still going on haha. We caught a big spider and cocroach last night and froze them in the freezer. Just for fun haha.

So the other night we were walkin down the street in Pozole, and a kid who always says this to us said, Hey you guys wanna see the devil? So I turned to him and said nope, but If you go look in the mirror you'll see a child of God. Then he just got quiet and kept talking to his friends. It was pretty funny. He's just saying stuff like that to hide his sadness. I wish he would let us help him, but so far no luck. He's just not ready yet.

Well hope you're all doing well back home. I'm doing great here in Oceanside. It's pretty cold right now. Like 50 degrees;) haha I don't know why but it just seems a lot colder than Utah. Probably because of the humidity.Pues, Les amo! hasta luego

Con amor,
Elder Whittle

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