Friday, December 30, 2011

Elder Garrett Allen-- December 29, 2011

So the MTC is an interesting place. All you really do is eat, learn, and sleep. It's a real change for me. I can't wait till i can get out to the feild and find real people that want/need to hear the gosbel. I cant wait to learn here and move on. So when they talk about the food being a killer the weren't kinding. I think that everyone here is going to need to replace there whole digestive system after this. It's crazy...
So I love the scriptures! They have everything that we need to find answer, peace, and comfort. I know that through prayer and Honest study that we can have answers and understand all things. That is such an amazing bless from are Lord. He loves us and wants all of his glory upon us. Lately one scripture has been standing out in my mind more then it ever has before. That scripture is James 1:5. It is the scripture that Jose Smith read and it has such great and amzing power. I know that god will answer all if we but ask with a true belief that we can get answers from him. If any of you feel lost or don't understand why something is happening in your life I challenge you to go to are Heavenly Father and ask him. For he unabraidth not. I promise that if you have a true heart and love for are Savior and his gospel WE WILL GET AN ANSWER. What an amazing blessing that is to us. I know that is true. I know that we may find peace in every trail and every hardship if we but turn are selfs to the lord, Help others in every chance we get and if we work hard to shine are light to glorify are heavenly father. It is so Amazing.
So if this emails are being sent out to other people I would like to thank you for all of the dear elders that i have gotten. They were amazing to get and they were such a great help to me and such a great thing to get right after the christmas season. I love you all and can't tell you how much i appreciate all of the support that i am getting. Well my time is up but i love and care for you all very much. May you find joy because that is why we are all her. I know that my father lives and that he cares for all of us.
Elder Allen
P.S. Always ask

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